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The Sevensoft Opamp Chooser

Opamps are at the heart of much analogue electronic designs and there is probably an opamp suitable for every application. Choosing the optimum opamp from the tens of thousands available can be time consuming. The Opamp Chooser is an application that helps you shortlist your candidate opamps using criteria you select. If you just want a quick way to find out data on a device then the manufacturer's data sheet is just one click away.  


The Sevensoft E Series Searcher

If your analogue circuit needs a special value resistor, you can use our E Series searcher to suggest pairs of standard values which combine to make your value of choice. For attenuators it can also suggest pairs with a specific ratio, and for RC time constants, it can suggest pairs with a  specific product.


Getting Started

The Opamp Chooser is a Java application, so you must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE, also known as the Java 2 Platform) v 1.5 or greater installed on your machine first.      

To check if you have the JRE installed on a Microsoft Windows environment:

click here.

Get the JRE here.

Internet Explorer (IE) may show a message box saying "Click to active and use this control"

IE may show a blank screen with a floating message box saying "Click to activate and use this control". You click, and nothing happens.   You must ensure that IE is set up to allow JRE 1.5.0_11.  Select Tools, Internet Options (IE 7.0) or Internet Options... (IE 6.0)  and then select the Advanced tab.  Tick the Use JRE 1.5.0_11 for <applet> option.


The Help and Datasheet buttons don't work

These buttons attempt to show the help page or the datasheet page in a new browser window. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, you will need to configure it to allow pop-ups from this site. You can get to the help from here.

Better results quickly

Our chooser is more accurate because it was written by an engineer for engineers and provides  more extensive results than the tools provided by distributors, who usually only list devices they stock.  Unlike the tools provided by individual semiconductor manufacturers our Opamp Chooser list devices from all major manufacturers.  It provides quick and efficient results, with single click access to data sheets.

This application is continually updated with new devices.  The best way to discover when updates have been posted is to subscribe to the RSS feed.  

The application can be used for new designs and for maintainance of old designs.  Obsolete devices are included for comparison purposes.


Java 2 Platform(JRE)
If you haven't got the JRE installed or you want to check for JRE updates

Opamp Chooser

Opamp Chooser
Try out our parametric Opamp Chooser

RSS Updates

Check for beta site updates



We welcome feedback especially as this application is still in the beta stage of testing.  If you want a device added to the chooser, please provide the URL of the data sheet and we will consider adding this to the list.   

Opamp Enquiries

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